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We’re happy to see that you are interested in renting an apartment from us. We hope you’ve found a location that will work for you!

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Please note:

This application is fairly extensive and will take at least 30 minutes to fill out completely. It is also best to complete this application on a laptop/tablet or desktop computer with a reliable and secure internet connection.

Due to the sensitive nature of the information you will be providing on this application, we cannot allow you to save and return to your application at a different time. Please be ready to provide all of the necessary information before you begin your application.

If you would prefer to download and print a paper copy of this application and then send to us, please click here.



It will take some time to complete the application, so before you begin the process please gather the following information to assist yourself in completion:

– Birthdays and SSN numbers for all household members.

– Income information for all household members from all sources – Social Security, Employment, VA, Pensions & Annuities, Unemployment, Child support, Alimony, TANF/PATH/APTD, etc. Payee and amount received per month.

– Bank account information such as type of account, Bank name, appx current balance, interest rates. Includes brick and mortar as well as digital only banking such as Direct Express (considered a savings account for cash benefits), GreenDot, Chime, Varo, etc.

– IRA, CD, Stocks, Bonds, 401K & other investment and retirement account information. Trust information.

– Real estate information

– Life insurance information (whole life only)

Recurring medical expenses if you or someone in the household is over 62 or disabled.

– Any student information

– Housing references (present and prior addresses, landlord contact information, dates, etc.)

– Any criminal information (type of criminal conviction and dates)

– Citizenship information

– Emergency contact information

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